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Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

In January of 2015, we introduced Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) strategies, which were primarily faith or societal-values based. In August of 2019, we changed the name of our SRI strategies to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which better reflects evolution in the industry.

The ESG strategy follows the same underlying investment philosophy and a similar investment process as our fully discretionary equity strategies, while avoiding investment choices that violate investors’ specified faith or societal values. We apply ESG-oriented screening to all portfolio holdings in order to exclude securities violating core strategy values and to identify poor past-ESG performance. Replacement names are introduced as necessary.  Many of the investments for the ESG strategy are drawn from existing holdings in our All-Cap, Large-Cap, and Mid-Cap Value portfolios.

Our investment objective is to apply the investment principles we have used since 1986 to deliver a full market-cycle return pattern similar to that experienced in our other equity strategies.