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Socially Responsible Investing

Mission and faith oriented investors face a dilemma when aligning social objectives with fiduciary responsibilities. Our experience has been that investors’ social objectives are under-served in the investment community due to desires to maximize diversification, minimize tracking error against indices, and reduce management costs via ETF’s. By combining our long-established investment process with robust SRI/ESG screens, we seek to reconcile and better balance this conflict between fiduciary and social responsibilities.

Our investment objective is to apply the investment principles we have used since 1986 to deliver a full market-cycle return pattern similar to that experienced in unrestricted accounts. Investments are drawn principally from EIC’s existing holdings in All-Cap Value, Large-Cap Value, and Mid-Cap Value strategies, with additional replacement names introduced as necessary.

Four Socially Responsible mandates are offered as follows:

Faith Based

    Mission Based  
EIC Catholic Value

EIC Catholic


EIC Environmental

EIC Protestant Value

EIC Protestant


EIC Human Rights