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Performance should be considered in the context of portfolio risk.  A hallmark of our approach has been our below-market risk, whether measured as incidence of experiencing a 12-month loss, number of double-digit 12-month losses, standard deviation, or odds of meeting return targets in 5-year periods. These risk measures are particularly relevant to investors seeking peace of mind, or whose investments are needed to support spending or budget requirements.

(net of 3%)
Russell 3000® Value Index S&P 500® Index
Return Since Inception (annualized) 11.9% 8.6% 10.7% 10.6%  
Incidence of Loss (Rolling 12 Months) 13.2% 19.2% 22.2% 18.9%  
No. of 12-Month Double-Digit Losses 15 22 30 42  
Rolling 12-Month Standard Deviation 12.7% 12.4% 15.8% 16.5%  
% Rolling 5-Year Periods Below 8% 18% 46% 34% 38%  

* All figures are since inception (January 1, 1986) through September 30, 2017. EIC's results are those of its All-Cap Value SMA Composite, before and after hypothetical SMA fees of 3% per year (0.25%/month). Please see the full disclosure presentation for further details. Rolling numbers were calculated by linking monthly returns for 12- and 60-month periods. Incidence of loss was calculated by linking monthly returns for every 12-month period. Number of occurrences of 12-month losses divided by number of periods equals the incidence of loss. Double-digit losses were the number of 12-month periods in which the return was less than -10%.  Standard deviation was calculated by linking monthly returns for every 12-month period.  % Rolling 5-Year Periods Below 8% were the percentage of 60-month periods in which the annualized return was less than 8%.